- Erupsi Gunung Agung di Bali menyita perhatian dunia. Kendati peristiwa alam ini dikhawatirkan bakal mengganggu pariwisata Pulau Dewata, namun ternyata justru memberikan daya tarik tersendiri. Banyak turis asing yang ingin menyaksikan fenomena langka erupsi Gunung Agung ini.

Ada sejumlah spot aman yang bisa digunakan untuk menyaksikan kemegahan gunung ini. Saat ini zona bahaya adalah radius 8 km dan perluasan sektoral 10 kilometer ke arah Utara-Timur Laut dan Tenggara-Selatan-Barat Daya.

Salah satu lokasi untuk mendapatkan foto terbaik ada di Amed, sebuah daerah di arah Timur Laut dari Gunung Agung. Sejumlah fotografer menjadikan tempat ini sebagai lokasi mengabadikan pesona keindahan dan kemegahan Gunung Agung. Selain itu, bisa juga dari Desa Datah di Kecamatan Abang, sekitar 3 km dari Amed. Di sini, puncak Gunung Agung dan kepundannya yang mengepulkan uap putih dan abu kelabu bisa terlihat jelas.

Nah, buat kamu yang nggak bisa melihat secara langsung fenomena langka itu, berikut ini foto-foto dan video erupsi Gunung Agung, dikutip dari berbagai sumber, Jumat (1/12). Panoramanya indah luar biasa.

1. Gunung Agung di antara puncak-puncak gunung di sekitarnya. 


2. Saat awal-awal erupsi.

3. Lontaran abu Gunung Agung mencapai ribuan kaki dan sempat mengganggu jalur penerbangan.

4. Pemandangan yang indah sekali yang bisa disaksikan dari radius aman.


How do you think, how much effort do you need to take the pics of volcano ? Share you suggestion down in comments. . So here are my steps: Check the weather and wind direction Analyze terrain and sunlight conditions Choose the good place and right angle Prepare all your photography equipment. High iso camera and fast lens are recommended Fuel your ride Sleep before the road. But I couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours a day. Go 2,5 hours to reach your view point Spend 3-4-5 hours hungry while shooting pics and videos Go 2,5 hours back home Transfer all content to the computer Endlessly stuck in postproduction Finally post something good to social media! . Here we go Thank you very much guys that you love my works #prayforbali . . , , ? . . : . . . . ISO . . 3 . ! 2,5 , . , 3-4-5 . 2,5 . . . , ! . , , ! . . #BezumaTravel2017

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5. Dipotret saat malam hari, lava pijar terlihat sangat jelas.


Tonight I saw lava reflex on the smoke coming from Mt.Agung crater in the night! Seems like everyone in the world worried about Bali. I hope now it's getting better. International Airport is open starting today, but could be closed still. Depends on the wind direction. Locals are living as usual: children are going to school, market is opening early morning, fishermen are catching new fishes. Life's going on.. #prayforbali . . ! . : , . , ! , , . ! . ? , ? , . , 3 . . 10 ! , !) . , : “ , ?”, ! , . , , . , ! . , , . # . . #BezumaTravel2017

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6. Diabadikan dari Amed, salah satu lokasi terbaik untuk menyaksikan Gunung Agung.


Current situation right now 28/11 05:55 am. Here’s a timelapse from where I stand (still in Amed) #bali #jaytravellust #mountagung

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7. Di atas awan.


I’ve been to this spot many times, but this time I saw something that I’ve never seen before. As you may know Mt Agung is currently erupting and as a result up to a 100,000 people from the surrounding area have been effected. I hope everyone can return to their homes safely and that everything will go back to normal soon #mountagung

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8. Turis asing menyaksikan fenomena alam yang langka.


As incredible as this spectacle is, it’s also a symbol of immense fear for the locals that surround the volcano and their friends and family---Please follow the link in bio to support @balistreetkidsproject or find a non profit you trust and send them a donation! . . . . #wanderlust #exploreeverything #travelgram #bravogreatphoto #lifeofadventure #theadventureproject #peoplescreatives #theoutbound #folktravel #volcano #welltraveled #finditliveit #whatchthisinstagood #beautifuldestinations #bali #livefolkindonesia #livefolk #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #letsgosomewhere #wanderlust #agung #igmasters #thewellcollective #verilymoment #mountagung #traveltagged #travelphotography

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9. Harus bangun pagi-pagi buta untuk bisa melihat momen seperti ini. 


I’ve gotten up at 3am to shoot so many times, but I have never in my life seen anything quite as beautiful, formidable and scary as this. Bali has been home on and off for 2 years now and I hope that all the locals that live on or near mount Agung are ok . . . . . . . . #wanderlust #exploreeverything #travelgram #bravogreatphoto #lifeofadventure #theadventureproject #peoplescreatives #theoutbound #folktravel #picoftheday #welltraveled #finditliveit #whatchthisinstagood #beautifuldestinations #bali #livefolkindonesia #livefolk #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #letsgosomewhere #wanderlust #instagood #igmasters #thewellcollective #verilymoment #mountagung #traveltagged #travelphotography

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10. Panorama erupsi Gunung Agung dengan latar depan pura.


In light of the air element and vata happenings in Bali, let us settle ourselves within by slowing our anxious pace of life and finding a place of groundedness. Hati hati Agung keeping all those misplaced in our thoughts #bali #mountagung #activevolcano #kintamanivolcano #thestormwillpass

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11. Sebuah pengalaman tak terlupakan bisa melihat erupsi gunung berapi.


I had a recent adventure to witness the fearsome and majestic Mt Agung. It was an awesome day! The sleeping Giant

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